Wedding Flowers – Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life.

A wedding would just not be the same without flowers.

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable.

The flowers provide the finishing touch to this very special day.

The flowers can be simple or elaborate depending on the type of wedding that is being planned.

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The flowers for a wedding should have a look of individuality. They should look as if they have all been specially created for the bride.

What will suit one bride will not automatically suit another. The style of dress, the height of the girl, the overall theme of the wedding should all have a bearing on the choice of the flowers.

Bridal Bouquets

There are various styles of bouquets. These include round, trailer, sheaf, crescent, line and cascade bouquets.

Round bouquets made of roses are a popular choice for many brides.

Large trailing bouquets particularly suit romantic style wedding gowns.

An elegant line bouquet of lilies would be a good choice for a slim fitting gown.

A modern style bouquet made of exotic flowers and tropical foliage will suit the contemporary bride.

The brides flowers should be the largest most spectacular bouquet in the wedding party – after all it is her special day!

White is still traditionally the most popular colour for the brides bouquet but many different colours are used in weddings today for the bride and bridesmaids from soft pastels such as pale pink through to rich vibrant colours such as hot pink, burgundy and violet.

Pearls and crystals can be incorporated into bouquets for a touch of added glamour.

For a delicate touch sheer organza ribbon can be used to create ribbon bows and long streamers.

Wide satin ribbon will give a rich luxurious look.

Bridesmaids Flowers

The bridesmaids flowers can be a smaller version of the brides flowers or a different shape.

If the bride is carrying a trailer bouquet the bridesmaids could carry round bouquets.

The bouquets can be the same colour as the brides bouquet or a different colour.

For something different the bridesmaids could carry elegant evening bags filled with flowers. The bag would need to be lined with a piece of plastic to prevent staining the inside of the bag. A piece of soaked florist foam can be placed in the bag and the flowers and foliage arranged in the foam to extend gracefully from the top of the bag.

Flower Girl

A flower girl could carry a small basket of flowers to match the bridesmaids flowers. the basket can be sprayed white or a pastel shade. Another alternative is to attach a spray of flowers to a piece of ribbon and tie it around the flower girls wrist, tying the ribbon ends in a bow with long ends. This is particularly suitable for a very young flower girl who may find a basket awkward to carry.


The bridegroom and groomsmen wear a buttonhole which often consists of a single flower such as a rose or a carnation or another flower the same type as used in the brides bouquet.


The mothers of the bride and groom wear corsages. Often grandmothers and special aunts also wear corsages. It is helpful to know the colour of their dresses so colours will not clash. White or cream is always a safe choice.

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The Benefits of Karate

Karate is a martial art form that has been around for hundreds of years. The martial arts movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s have increased its popularity. Many people these days search for an art form that provides both physical and mental benefits. They turn to Karate because it offers several benefits, all of which we can carry into our everyday lives. (more…)

7 Tips on How to Look Younger, More Beautiful and Have More Confidence Naturally


Let’s face it, when we start noticing those wrinkles, fine lines and pesky aging signs, deep down we all want to look younger and wish that they would just vanish.

The sad truth is that we cannot eliminate them completely, most of the time, but what we can do is help our body stay healthy and give it all the nutrients and help it requires to keep us looking young, beautiful and healthy.

Here are 7 tips on how to look younger, more beautiful and have more confidence. Use these and you’ll be well on your way to the better-looking skin.

1. Eliminate Junk – First things first. Throw away your cookies, candies, sodas, pizza, hamburgers and all those junk and fast foods, because they will do nothing but harm your skin and health in the long term.

2. Exercise – Moving your body is extremely important not only for your skin, but for your health as well. Do anything that you think is fun. It is always better to exercise some than none at all.

3. Relaxation – Relaxing is often underrated in this day and age where we have to get stuff done faster than ever before. Just lying down and breathing for 15 minutes can make a big difference in de-stressing yourself.

4. Fruits & Vegetables – Fresh, raw, organic produce is filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that is the perfect food and nutrients for the human body and skin. Eat healthier, look healthier!

5. Supplements – Doctors are recommending that everyone use a daily multivitamin supplement because almost everyone is deficient in one or several nutrients today. This affects your brain, body and skin in many ways.

6. Love Life – Stop doing this you don’t enjoy. Easier said than done, I know. But when you realize that it can actually be done, you’ll start feeling more alive and energized. Feeling good makes a big difference in your appearance.

7. Proper Skin Care – Stop using skin care products that are filled with chemicals and other nasty ingredients. Look for something completely natural and proven effective. There have been many breakthroughs in the last few years, so do your research and educate yourself!

If you’re interested in learning the secrets of finding the best natural skin care products, visit my website, where I share what products I personally use for fast, and effective results.

5 Useful Tips About Wooden Summer Houses and Sheds for Gardens – Part 1


Building regulations and planning permission

“My garden and my rules” is unfortunately not exactly the way it works with setting up a summer house or any other house in your garden. Whether you need to apply for a planning permit or not depends on the size and height of the building, ways of use, location in the garden and other details. There are two separate issues when considering a new garden building – Building Regulations and Planning Permission. In most cases, if the building has an internal floor space up to 15m² and its overall height is less than 2.5m, it is very unlikely that you’ll need any Building Regulations or Planning Permissions at all. Even if your garden building is within the limits, it is still wise to contact your local planning office and get all the answers to your questions. This will give you peace of mind to be sure that everything goes to plan with your new garden office or a hobby room. Should your desired summer house or a garden room exceed the limits, don’t worry and don’t give up your dream! In this case you should call or visit your local planning office and get a proper instruction of what you need to do in order to meet all the rules and get the required permissions. Our previous experience with clients getting planning permission for larger garden buildings, is that it takes no more than 4-6 weeks. (more…)

How To Learn Guitar With Online Guitar Lessons


If you want to know how to learn guitar one of the best ways is with online guitar lessons. The only trick is to find good, high-quality guitar lessons because there are many internet guitar teachers that are not very good. As a beginner guitarist, you need to get a strong foundation of the basics and you also need interesting lessons that are fun to play and sound good.Online guitar lessons should be focused and clear and your beginner guitar lessons should be arranged in a logical order so you can easily learn guitar step-by-step. (more…)

Thermal Vision Zenmuse XT on Phantom 4? This is the closest one you could get w/ HD Digital Video & Control App

– HD Digital Video gimbal+control system for FLIR Vue Pro to work on Inspire 1/2, Matrices, Phantoms… and other drone
– Range: 1-2km LOS (up to 5km with high-gained antennas – sold separately)
– Runs on its own batteries – run time about 45 minutes per set – batteries swapped easily
– All-in-one Tablet App for viewing and controlling gimmera (pan & tilt, change color palettes, record, zoom, FFC….) (more…)

7 Tips on Photography

If you’re new to photography and looking for some simple tips and tricks to get your photos looking better, this article will give you 7 tips on photography!

These tips are all compositional based and help you use your “eye” more when taking photos.

Tips on Photography #1 – Avoid the Center

The rule of thirds is what they call it in the photography books. Basically, this advises people taking photos to avoid the center when photographing subjects or objects. This is a great tip to start following your photos. Simply avoid placing people, animals, or anything of interested dead center. Instead, move it to the left or right, or even to the top or bottom.

An example of this is when you take a picture of a person. The main point of interest is their eyes. So, simply avoid placing their eyes dead center. Place them somewhere else! (more…)

How to Maintain the Right Water Pressure in Your Plumbing


Improper water pressure is a common plumbing problem. If you have such a problem, the first step toward diagnosing and remedying it is measuring your static water pressure.

This is easy enough to do with a water pressure measuring gauge, which most hardware and home improvement stores carry. This simple device consists or a measuring gauge and a standard hookup like those on a garden hose that you can screw onto an exterior hose bib or your washing machine’s cold or hot water bib. To check your house’s static water pressure level, just screw on the measuring gauge, open the faucet, and the gauge will show how much pressure you have on whichever floor the faucet you are using for the check is located (the water pressure on a home’s second floor is typically 8 psi lower than on the first floor). (more…)