A Brief Guideline in Using a Color Copy Machine


One of the best options in improving efficiency in your office is providing color copy machine and Printing Service . This certain product will be very useful for your business or office since it allows you to copy documents with vivid and bold colors. It is also a very great option if you plan to copy any documents with charts and also diagrams. As well as using black and white copier machine, this product is also completed with easiness and simplicity of use. You can get a brief guideline in using color copy machine properly.


The first thing to do is preparing the documents that you are going to copy. Place the document on the glass surface of your machine. Place it in face down position.

Second, you can make a test copy first. It is quite important to check whether your machine still has enough ink to copy the documents. If the copy comes in choppy and faded color, your machine might run out of ink. However, you can continue copying if the copy machine produces copy in crisp and clean colors. It means that your machine has enough ink left to make the copy.

Third, you can continue to determine how many copies you want to make. You can also adjust the settings of the color in order to achieve your desired result.

Fourth, you can simply push the button of copy or print, depending on your machine. If you are going to make copy in multiple pages, you can copy a certain page or documents in your desired amount, first. Then, you can switch it to the new page or documents. After getting your copy, you can check the results. Make sure that all copy is clear and legible enough.

With the simplicity and easiness in operating this machine, you will not find any significant difficulty in copying your important documents. Happy copying!

There are a lot of types of copy machine that will be perfect to be placed in your office. If you find any difficulty in looking for the best product for your office, you can simply rent some devices from some copy machine rentals

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