The Easy Way to Writing a Rap Song

Writing a rap song requires an understanding of the fundamentals of rap songwriting. The core requirements of writing rap comprise of original lyrics, knowledge of rhyming schemes, and creating a strong back beat and hook that maintains the attention of listeners. Rap is composed of rhymed couplets, which are usually set to a bass beat and drum. Having a good rhyming technique and flow is crucial to writing a rap song.

Lyrically, the first step to writing a rap song is to choose a good topic. The topic serves as the central theme of the rap tune. It could be about pain, love, happiness, greed, racism, justice, partying, or just about anything.

The beat is crucial to writing a rap song. Most lyricists write their lyrics to the beat, but others write the lyrics first and then create the instrumental track. A good bass beat can actually break or make a rap tune. A musician can create a good bass beat using a digital drum loop or bass guitar. It is this bass beat that drives the entire rap track and the lyrical flow. The rapper needs to keep up with the bass beat.

A catchy hook is essential to form the chorus of the rap tune. Lyrics should be written in concert with the bass beat and the selected rhyming scheme. Lyrics are considered the core strength of a rap. Lyrics are the distinguishing feature of rap, which makes different rap tunes stand apart from others, even those that have the same instrumental beat.

After writing the lyrics, writing a rap song requires proper structuring. This involves interspersing the verses with the chorus and adding proper bridges or breakdowns to add depth to the song structure. Lyrics are recorded over the bass beat, verses, chorus, and bridge. The addition of punch lines can be used to add an additional level to your rap lyrics, providing entertainment and humor. Drum fills such as additional beats of bass and melody lines can also be added to the rap to add greater depth.

To write solid rap tunes, you will need to personalize your rap lyrics and listen to and study famous rap artists and popular songs. A perfect blend of rhyme scheme, punchlines, wordplay, melody, and catchy bass beats, will result in a popular rap song. Most rappers work and collaborate with other rappers to write a final draft rap song.

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