How to Fix a Broken Relationship – 3 Actions Required

The pain is gut-wrenching! It tears a person apart at the very depths and core of their soul. This kind of pain is a terror that shows no mercy. It grabs you by the throat and can hold you prisoner in the darkest and gloomiest places to where no one can hear your cries for help.

Well if you are in such a place there is hope, because learning how to fix a broken relationship can start to rejuvenate the thoughts of your heart, mind and soul. Here is just the beginning of some real help that can transform your way of thinking and your life.

Before you can learn how to fix a broken relationship, you must begin to fix you! You must put it into your mind that you are no longer the broken, busted and disgusted lover that has been discarded and forgotten about.

  1. Your first step toward restoration is to charge of your own thoughts! If you are thinking negative and saying negative, then you will only get more negative. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.
  2. Your next step in restoring yourself is to kill the sickly, brain-wave altering and mind-warping music that makes you feel like you are in the sewer pit of hell. I mean like, totally Yuksville! You must take charge of your actions that cause you to feel defeated. You must make a decision that this is to be No More!
  3. Your third step is to make time to learn a new skill, trade, or hobby and become a master at it. Allow it to consume your time as you are going through this phase of your new development of mind and spirit.

Those three steps above lead you on a journey for your own self-repair. Once you have repaired yourself to some degree and have learned who you are and want you to want in life, work and love; then you can begin the process of discovering how to fix a broken relationship.

No, this is not this easiest thing to do, but learning more about you and what your true wants and desires are in life will only serve to help you tremendously in building a healthy relationship and future.

I have been there my friend, but I made the decision that I wanted out of the darkness and gloom. While it is true that I actually stopped eating and felt like life was over! I learned later that I instinctively followed those 3 steps and started to rebuild me and become a better person than I was. It works!


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